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Frontcontainer DROP Frontcontainer DROP
Never before could you pack rescues this small! The DROP lightweight front container offers the possibility to pack rescues to the minimum pack size and weight. The lightweight front container is ideal for mounting round and square...
The SMARTBAG is designed in a lightweight construction to provide beginners and intermediate pilots with a quick and compact packing method. Due to the compression, we recommend the SMARTBAG only for paragliders with flexible rigid foils...
The SOFTBAG2 is a classic tube bag and is suitable for all types of paragliders. It enables the glider to be packed gently and increases packing speed. SOFTBAG2 Size S M Lenght (m) 2,5 2,8 Weight (g) 335 410
The GUARDBAG is specially designed for high performance 2-liners and paragliders with rigid foils. With a slightly higher weight, the GUARDBAG focuses on robustness and guarantees comprehensive protection for the paraglider. GUARDBAG...
PACE Trimmer System PACE Trimmer System
PERMAIR Elektropumpe PUMP - USB chargeable PERMAIR Elektropumpe PUMP - USB chargeable
incl. PERMAIR adapter, charging cable, 5 various nozzles, manual, storage bag Battery capacity: 3600mA Gross weight:150 g Inflate/Deflate pressure: 2,2kPa Flow: 300L/min
The DESK is a pocket with integrated cockpit and is attached to the shoulder straps as well as the front container. This provides additional comfort especially on long XC flights. Besides a storage compartment with cable outlet for a...
PERMAIR Mouthpiece PERMAIR Mouthpiece
SAVA1IB00 Valve adapter for Inflation Bag
replacement for 1. generation Inflation Bag (tube system)
Front pocket for BREEZE2 harness Front pocket for BREEZE2 harness
Cockpit with subdivided bag and cable outlet.
Rucksack ULTRA 18 Rucksack ULTRA 18
The ULTRA18 backpack, constructed in the design of a running waistcoat, has been specially adapted to our ultralight products PACE and SLEEVE with DROP and TAPA X-ALPS. It is perfect for quickly moving around the mountain with all your...
SAEB252DT EASY BAG Fastpacking bag
The EASY BAG is for all (upcoming) pilots who like to use the shuttle or the cable car. Through fast and uncomplicated packing of the complete flying equipment you are back at the takeoff place very quickly. The harness does not even...
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